My name is Taylor Symon, I am an Eventer from Ottawa, Canada. I grew up in a small town in southern Ontario, where I purchased Breaking Boundaries, and moved to Ottawa when I was 19 years old. That was when my dreams started to become realities. I have been motivated and inspired and would like to share my story and lessons learned to inspire you!

In the last few years I have gone from an Entry level competitor, completely oblivious to the ways of the world, to a CCI* level competitor with the goal of completing a CCI**. I have learned A LOT of things along the way, both trough opportunities and mistakes. My goal is to share with you the things that I have learned, and everything I continue to learn to help you become a better and more educated horseman and rider.

I welcome you to share your thoughts and comments with us! What do you want to read about?!

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